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Jac-Y-Do is specialised in 2D animation. For both the internet and television we designed and produced animations. We can provide your website with funny or informative moving images (animated gif). We can design your web animations, animated commercial, animated short, animated infographic, animated characters and animated concepts.
If you are looking for an animation to enrich your web design or a welcome animation for your website, then look no further.


The Animated Story

The Animated Story is an animation to be.
The story is written by people following the story on twitter and reacting to that story through twitter.

The style and settings of the animation is cartoony steampunk ...ish.

Elias & friends

Elias & friends is an animated series to the stories of Nasrin Khochsima (Elias, der kleine Schutzengel) about a small guardian angel who has all kinds of adventures at the school for guardian angels high up in the clouds with his friends Alina, Samuel, Melvin and Oscar.

Father Time

For SBS6 Jac-Y-Do developed a character to accompany the clock called Father Time. During the broadcast of the animations a clock with the actual time was projected over the animation. Father Time animations always use the clock or the concept time in a funny way.

Watch all episodes on our vimeo channel


Once in a millennium a sorcerer is born who inherits all the magic, so it was a bit of a surprise when... it turned out to be twins!

Philips commercial

Design for a series of commercials for the new energy saving Philips lamps.


Interactive stop-motion animation for the Heileuver cheese farm website

Luigi`s Intergalactic Pizza Parlour

Luigi`s Intergalactic Pizza Parlour

Luigi`s Intergalactic Pizza Parlor is a series of short interactive animations specially developed for mobile phones

Cool but Cruel

Cool but Cruel

Cool but Cruel is a series of short interactive animations specially developed for mobile phones

Famous Grouse / Net5

We have animated this Valentine`s Day commercial especially for Net5 and Famous Grouse.

De Tuin der Lusten 2019

Facebook advertisement for the Garden of Delights 2019 and a preroll animation that is placed for a video on youtube or other channel.

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