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Welcome to Jac-Y-Do

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Jac-Y-Do is an animation and multi media company in Meppel, Drenthe, near Zwolle, the Netherlands
We specialize in 2D, stop motion and web animation, web design, web sites, web tools, web forms and web apps.

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Jac-Y-Do offers tailor-made solutions, such as animations, apps, tools and fill-in forms.
Are you looking for custom forms on your site, a simple tool for, for example, online orders or reservations, a web app to keep your business running smoothly ... think of it and we will realize it.
Need help with a minor tweak on your site? Get in touch with us.


Jac-Y-Do animatie - Wij verzorgen uw webanimaties, animated gifs, geanimeerde commercials, korte animaties, ontwerpen characters en bedenken animatie concepten.

Jac-Y-Do is specialised in 2D animation. For both the internet and television we designed and produced animated films, animated series and short animations. We can design your web animation, animated commercials, animated shorts, animated characters and animated concepts.
Are you looking for a funny or informative animation to enrich your web design or an animation to boost your facebook or instagram commercial? Then look no further.

Web tools

Jac-Y-Do webtools - Wij bieden tools, widgets, scripts, plugins en andere ict mogelijkheden ter ondersteuning voor het maken van een perfecte website

Jac-Y-Do creates tools, widgets, scripts, plugins and other ICT options to support the creation of a perfect website.
From a simple add-on to an extensive stand-alone application; Jac-Y-Do is the right place for you.


Jac-Y-Do webforms - interactieve web- en invulformulieren naar uw exacte vereisten.

Do you need a custom form for your website but lacked the knowledge or resources to do so? Jac-Y-Do builds web forms to your exact requirements! You don`t have to worry about the complexities of code or IT infrastructure.
Online forms with drop-down menus, radio buttons, data validation, conditional logic, calculations, email notifications, multi-step functions, online payments, and even relational forms to link data using common values. It`s all possible!


Jac-Y-Do webapps - mobiele toepassingen voor een kleine prijs.

Jac-Y-Do specializes in web apps. The big advantage of a web application is that it works on all platforms and devices and does not have to be installed on your device. One app is therefore sufficient to offer the program on all platforms. (in contrast to the native app that must be produced for iOS, android and winOS)

Another plus is the way in which security breaches are resolved: with native apps, this is only possible by downloading a new version or an update. However, a security update for a web app is performed directly in the software, so that all users automatically have access to the safest version. Moreover, a web app is cheaper and can be produced faster.

Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Jac-Y-Do webdesign - website ontwerp voor het kleine bedrijf

Jac-Y-Do offers a friendly, no-nonsense, professional website design for the small business.
We are your personal web designer where you can go with your questions for web design and web hosting.
If you are looking for an original, surprising design and not the same as the competition or if you want to have a stylish website made, you have come to the right place.

For just € 44.95 / month you can be the owner of your own unique website and domain.

With the content management system (Crow CMS) designed by Jac-Y-Do you can easily manage your own website
without any knowledge of programming or hiring a expensive internet programmer.
Background, pictures, text, everything can easily be added or adjusted.


Jac-Y-Do design - als u op zoek bent naar een verrassend ontwerp voor uw bedrijfs logo, briefpapier, posters, flyers, stickers, reclame campagne, etc.

We believe that good design is the key to success.
Design is not just how something looks, but also how something works.
We turn your ideas into beautiful and functional products that leave a lasting impression.

Are you looking for a design for your company logo, letterhead, posters, flyers, stickers, advertising campaign, etc. etc.
Jac-Y-Do is a multi-media company that can help you with all forms of communication for your company.
Feel free to send us an email

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