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Jac-Y-Do webForms

Sometimes a seemingly big problem can have a simple solution and maybe we can help you find it.
Jac-Y-Do develops interactive webforms especially for you.
A Jac-Y-Do webFORM is not only an online FORM, but also an online FORMula.
We translate difficult questions, calculations or endless long forms and complex programs into small, handy and easy-to-understand interactive web apps for you and your clients.
We provide the solution for your wishes.

Crow CMS

Crow CMS
Because not everyone has the same wishes for the website and most systems are not always sufficient, we have developed our own CMS specifically to meet your needs.

CrowCMS is our own developed content management system. It is very comprehensive, but simple to operate and can be used for many purposes, for example as an admin for your website or online forms, but also for specially developed web tools.


Accidents happen.
Damage, theft, collision, accident or just bad luck ....

The last thing you and your employee are waiting for in such a case,
is the entire paper shop needed for the correct handling of the incident.

Especially for this purpose we developed Schadeform; an interactive online damage and accident handling form.

Contact us today and we streamline the whole process for you.


To support a simple webinar or podcast, we developed Cast-R.
Cast-R is an online webcast tool and much more ...
With Cast-R you can present very extensive webcasts and thanks to the many extras that come with Cast-R as standard, our tool can also be used as a presentation tool in large rooms.

Cast-R can be completely adapted to your special wishes and design
whether it is a one-off webcast or a weekly webinar.

I Have Tickets

Because of the specific wishes that were asked for the sale of e-tickets for several festivals, we have developed our own e-ticket system.

At I Have Tickets you as organizer can easily arrange the sale of your e-tickets without having to immerse yourself in IT technology.

Whether it concerns tickets for a concert, a gala dinner, a sporting event, a theater performance or a festival ...
at I Have Tickets you are at the right address!



Jac-Y-Do offers a friendly, no-nonsense, professional website design for the small business.
If you are looking for an original, surprising design and not something similar to the competition, you`ve come to the right address.

With the content management system (Crow CMS) designed by Jac-Y-Do you can easily manage your own website
without any knowledge of programming or hiring a expensive internet programmer.
Background, pictures, text, everything can easily be added or adjusted.

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