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Unfortunately :( we too will have to adjust our prices to today`s inflation and towering costs...
But don`t panic! If you have a (lease) contract with us, then nothing will change for you! As a valued customer of Jac-Y-Do you`ll keep the old prices. The price increase only applies to new customers starting today.
- Do you have a contract with us? then the old agreed prices apply.
- Have you received a quote from us? then the agreed prices apply.
- Do you lease a service from us? then the old agreed prices apply.

HSI Domein & Hosting Service NL

It`s time for fake invoices again.
If you receive an invoice for the hosting of your site from HSI Domain & Hosting Service NL, DO NOT PAY and DELETE the email!
HSI Domain & Hosting Service NL are scammers
Your domain is not hosted by them, so this invoice is fake!
Do not pay and report the fraude
HSI nep factuur

Crow CMS

CrowCMS is now at version 1.9.0 and we are working hard on the new upgrade: Crow CMS 2.0
CrowCMS 2.0 has of course a few new features and plugins, but the structure of the website and the admin are also being overhauled.
The CrowCMS 2.0 website will load faster and in the admin you can work easier and faster than is already the case.

Corona / Covid19 check

For those who need it, or where it is desired / mandatory, Jac-Y-Do offers a solution. By default, there is now a Corona / Covid19 check in your Crow CMS website. Do you want / do you need to know what the health of your customers is? www yoursite /coronacheck

Covid19 / Corona

Jac-Y-Do offers tailor-made solutions, such as animations, apps, tools and fill-in forms and we also offer a solution in these difficult times for the small businessman!
Are you looking for custom forms on your site, a simple tool for, for example, online orders or reservations, a web app to keep your business running smoothly ... think of it and we will realize it.
Need help with a minor tweak on your site, such as a special page on the current state of coronavirus, or guidelines for your store? Get in touch with us.

Virtual Meeting / Festival / Gathering

In these weird times, it is imperative to stay connected and for all home workers to do and conduct online business. Jac-Y-Do specializes in online solutions and communication options. We have various online apps and tools to help you through these strange times. Would you like to know more or are you looking for a solution? Get in touch with us!

GPS for buttons

We are currently working on a native app for android that works with GPS coordinates instead of buttons.
Deadline March 15 ...

Crow CMS V1.7

Due to specific (site-specific) differences in the various updates to Crow, the major update has been temporarily postponed. All sites are now running Crow V1.7 and we can start implementing our major upgrade (V2.0)
- Which version do I have?
Hover over the Crow logo at the bottom of the site to see which version you have.
- When will the upgrade come?

Dynamic Strength and Fitness

New branch to the Crow family.
Dynamic Strength and Fitness
We will go live soon

You want a website, but your budget is too small?

Have you ever thought about leasing a website?
Jac-Y-Do offers the possibility to lease your website. For a small monthly fee you are provided with a website with your own domain name, e-mail addresses, an original design and technical support, without breaking the bank.

View our attractive price list here!

or contact us directly to place your order.

Crow CMS V2.0

In a little while it`s time; a completely new version of Crow CMS (V2.0) for your website.
We are fully in the process of implementing all changes and adding all new features.
In addition to the new features for your website, we will also add some apps. Free!

- Back from the past: Miling (V2.0)
Miling is an app for your telephone that allows you and your staff to keep track of the kilometers driven. Simply click on the button when you leave and every stop you make along the way and lastly when you return home. Miling calculates the kilometers driven and the costs. Miling is delivered free with your new Crow CMS account and through the admin you can keep track of the kilometers driven, view the costs in an excel sheet and manage the mileage allowance of your employees.

- NextPlease (V2.x)
NextPlease is an app for in your store or company where you work with many customers and departments. The old tear-off receipt at the entrance is a thing of the past. (but still possible) Your customer selects the desired service and scans the QR code on his phone. On his / her phone, the customer sees waiting time, number, and relevant information, and receives an update when something changes or when it`s his / her turn.

- Agenda / Reservation (V2.x)
Agenda & Reservation Soon the agenda and reservation system will be added to Crow CMS. With the Crow CMS agenda and reservation system you can manage your appointments, the appointments of your employees and your clients can schedule appointments, but the Crow CMS reservation system goes further ... much further!
Location, items, prices, times, numbers, supplies, etc. etc. It is not a simple click and book system, but a completely automated agenda management system for your store, festival, or global company.

- Web shop (V2.x)
In Crow CMS V2 we integrate a webshop!
More info will follow ...

damage and accidents form

We are now using version 5 of our online damage and accident form with improved functionality for tablets and mobile phones and extra features such as adding photos of the scene. Are you still using an older version? Or do you still use paperwork for handling claims and accidents?
Contact us today!

happy Holidays

fijne feestdagen

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2020

Crow CMS

The next major update for Crow CMS is coming soon.
Crow CMS
As always we have removed the bugs (if they were any)
and we have added a few new features ...
Keep an eye on our news page and follow us on facebook and instagram

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